Pricing & Serving Sizes

Base prices, may increase with complexity of design


Buttercream starting at 4.50/serving

Fondant starting at 5.50/serving

Sheet cake 3/serving.  *Undecorated cakes used at weddings and are only available to augment wedding cakes servings*


 Full Size at 30/dozen

 Mini at 20/dozen


2/mile (limit of 50 miles from Bealeton, VA 


Free Delivery to Arlie Event Center & Morais Vineyards

Tasting/Consultation by appointment only at $20.

   -Pick 3 flavors for you & up to 4 people to sample


Contact us for an estimate. Once approved by you a 50% non refundable deposit is due to hold your date. Remaining balance is due at least 2 weeks before event date.  

All servings are based on a 1"x 2"x 4" slice. 

Terms & Conditions 

  • All prices are non-negotiable.  Payment secures the listed price(s) & prevents any further price increases, except in exceptional circumstances beyond our control (ex. Change of delivery address or date).You must provide accurate information for us to process your order.

  • By placing an order, you confirm that the details contained in the order are correct in all respects.  A contract between you and Cakesmith is only formed when we receive your 50% non-refundable deposit and signed contract. Final payment must be received 2 weeks prior to your event’s date, otherwise your order will not be completed.

  • Changes to cake orders (ie. number of sheet cake servings)  must be completed 2 weeks prior to event’s date. Any changes that are requested after that deadline will not be guaranteed and may include additional costs. All changes must be requested via e-mail or written form, signed with the date to limit confusion.

  • Cancellation of cake must be made 2 weeks prior to event’s date. After the two week deadline has passed Cakesmith is entitled to all money collected.

  • Our cakes contain gluten, eggs and dairy products, so are not suitable for those suffering from intolerance or allergies to these particular foods. Please be aware that our cakes may/could contain traces of nut. Cakesmith will not be held responsible for anyone suffering from allergies. It's the client's obligation to inform other guests of the risks to anyone with allergies.  Non-edible items may be used as decorations. It is your responsibility to ensure that any non-edible items are removed prior to consumption.  

  • Cakesmith cannot be held liable for any damage after handover to client once they have left the premises. Also, once the cake has been delivered Cakesmith is unable to accept any liability neither for any damage sustained to the cake thereafter.

  • Cakesmith reserves the right to refuse setup of a cake in any location that is not properly air conditioned or weather proofed or on any cake plateau or stand that does not appear sturdy enough to hold the weight of our cakes. All efforts will be made to work with venue staff to find placement better suited for your cake to make sure it looks beautiful on your arrival.

  • We will not be liable for any failure or delay of delivery where such failure or delay results from any circumstances outside our reasonable control including but not limited to any fire, flood, explosion, accident, adverse weather conditions, traffic congestion, mechanical breakdown, obstruction of any private or public highway, riot, government act, act of war, terrorism, act of God, or from any industrial dispute or strike whatsoever.

  • Cakesmith takes prides on baking our cakes with no additives or preservatives. We are therefore unable to make a warranty as to the length of time for which the cakes will remain fit for consumption after event date. All cakes after the event need to be stored in the refrigerator and brought back to room temperature before consuming. We do recommend that our cakes are best eaten up to 3 days after collection/delivery.  

  • To maintain stability and the integrity of your cake, Cakesmith reserves the right to make design and structural changes to your cake on site or off, without prior notification.

  • You are responsible for ordering flowers from your florist to adorn your cake. Cakesmith will adorn the cake with flowers per your design if the flowers are provided at delivery. Cake toppers will be placed on cake as well if the topper is available to us at arrival. If flowers/toppers take longer than 10 minutes to locate, someone from your party will be responsible for placement.

  • Military & First Responders discount only applies when the client or client’s spouse/future spouse is a veteran of the military or a first responder(police,firefighter,emt). Falsely identifying you or your spouse/future spouse as a veteran or first responder will void contract entirely. A voided contract for this reason will result in Cakesmith holding the non-refundable deposit.

  • Cakesmith reserve the right to use any photos taken of the cake(s) for any media related activities such as our website, Facebook or advertising